The 2 Day Six Figure Summit

Calling all business owners who want to make this their best year ever!

Power Summit 2019... "Your License to Profit"

How To Add Six (or even Seven) Figures To Your Business WithOUT Spending a Dime on Advertising

November 7th-9th | Orlando, FL

YES I'm in!  I Want 6-Figures More This Year

Your Mission...

Hello Agent...

As you know the evil doer's, fear mongers and ne'er do-wells have once again teamed up to infiltrate your bank account and steal your money.

Using scheme after scheme they roam the Earth looking for unsuspecting, hardworking business-owners and trick them into spending tons of time and money on their latest and greatest inventions.

All too often, it's only them who are laughing all the way to the bank...

...Until Now!

Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to spend three days in our ultra-secret profit factory where you'll discover EXACTLY how to get thousands of new leads and sales without spending a single PENNY on advertising.

You'll leave knowing EXACTLY what you need to grow your business using the special tools you've already got along with your greatest, and most under-utilized asset...YOU!!!

You'll Be Fully Equiped... just three days you'll get everything you need to beat the unseen forces and your compeition by deploying the latest proven tactics and strategies to attract your ideal customers, clients or patients in droves and get them to gladly do business with you.

Again...and again...and again!

You'll join a POWERFUL team of agents who've done this time and time again, not just for their own businesses but have also taken hundreds of other operatives from surviving to thriving as well!

Led by Kim Walsh Phillips, Todd Tramonte, Kelly LeMay and "as-seen-on-tv" secret agents to be revealed at the event you'll walk out with your 2019 profit plan that's GUARANTEED to add an additional six (or even seven) figures to your business in all without opening your wallet.

 This Message Will Self-Destruct...

...if left to our own devices. We're already busy on the front-lines and in the underground layers with too many jobs and too little time. 

Caught in the chaos of entrepeneurialism we allow the evil forces of time and opportunity to slip away stealing our potential and profits waking up one day wondering what happened?

But we can fight these evil forces by equiping ourselves with the tool you'll walk out with each day including...

Day One Mission - License to Lead Generate: Attract thousands of your ideal leads FREE, increasing your authority, expertise and celebrity along the way!  

Day Two Mission - License to Sell: Turn leads into sales withOUT ever selling. Sound confusing? With the tools you'll be equipped with on day two, your leads will literally be asking how to work with you and be willing to pay you more than ever before.

Day Three Mission - License to Scale: How to take what you have and grow PROFITABLY and without headaches. On day three, you'll actually see how to take your most profitable activities and turn those into a GIANT profit center without employees, overhead, ever needing to "work" again.

All WithOUT Spending A Dime! 

Can we count on you to help achieve this mission, agent?

Kim Walsh Phillips Serial Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author and Founder of Powerful Professionals

Todd Tramonte Maverick Marketer, Entrepreneur and Finder of Hidden Profits 

Kelly LeMay Facebook Ninja, Responsible For Millions Of Dollars In Profitable Online Campaigns in Hundreds of Industries

 Power Summit 2019 Schedule

Day 1: License to Lead Gen

  • Your License to Profit - It doesn't "take money to make money" when you know these marketing secrets. Here you'll be equipped with the simple cornerstones no one ever showed you that'll transform the way you do marketing forever.
  • Dr. No! Awareness campaigns are stupid and other truths behind millon dollar campaigns that you can use to make sales while "getting your name out there."
  • Diamonds are Forever: Using hustle as the ultimate competitive advantage. Use these FREE tactics to generate tons of business...seperate yourself from the competition and create paydays at will without spening anything on advertising!

Lunch on Your Own (VIP's lunch provided with Kim, Todd and Kelly)

  • You Only Live Twice: How Tristan and Sabrina Truscott reinvented their business and brought in over six figures in only 90 days and how you can raise prices and sell easier. 
  • Goldfinger: How I Created A Million Dollar Service Business In 18 Months With No Money, No Customers, and a FREE Product, the ultimate "hack" to beating your competition and becomeing the "big fish" in your marketplace
  • For Your Eyes Only: Swipe (The) Right Promotions Your Secret Agent Strategy…How to Dominate Your Market, Get More Customers Than You Ever Thought Possible and Generate a Bonus 6-7 Figures While You Do
  • Awards Gala and Casino Royale (Wear your 007 Finest)

Day 2: License to Sell

  • This World is Not Enough: Your Four Step Power Profit Plan The Living Daylights: How Todd Tramonte Charges 60% More in a Crowded Marketplace Offering the SAME Thing Everyone Else Does…and You Can Too  
  • Quantum Solace: Five complete strategies that you can use immediately to make more sales, at a higher price, while having fun, and so will your customers!  

Lunch on Your Own (VIP's lunch provided with Kim, Todd and Kelly)

  • Live and Let Buy: 6 Secrets to Getting to "Yes" Without Ever Asking. The invisible art of persuasion selling where you never ask for the sale, yet get more customers, clients or patients saying "I want in!" than ever before.  
  • Never Say Never Again: Say Hello to Sales and Profits You Thought Got Away. How to use automation and mass marketing to add tens of thousands of dollars in sales that you thought got away. 

Day 3: License to Scale

  • A View to Kill (Your Goals) : How to scale your business so that you add profits and fun without employees or added overhead. BONUS...See how to sell your best secrets for hundreds of thousands of dollars, while drinking martinis on the beach!  
  • The Man with the Golden Gun: How to Make More in 75 Minutes than You Do all Year. Get the exact process to adding five or six figures of income in an hour. This is the ULTIMATE secret to business growth.  

Lunch On Your Own (Powerhouse lunch with Kim, Todd & Kelly)

  • Buy (And Sell) Another Day: How I got three offers to sell the part of my business I liked least (without ever trying) and how you can re-invent your business to become EXACTLY the business you dreamed about.  
  • Q's Secret Weapons: How to use simple tools to automate your sales and marketing to grow faster and easier than you ever thought possible and turn your business into one worth seven figures when you decide to sell.  

Sunny Orlando

Grand Bohemian Hotel Orlando, Autograph Collection

  • Address: 325 S Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32801